Mini Car Battery Voltage Meter and Alternator Monitor




1) This digital gauge displays the voltage of batteries in the car

2) With high brightness of LED (light-emitting diode) there is no difficulty in seeing the display


1) Clean the cigar socket

2) Insert the jack of the product into a cigar socket

What kinds of batteries is healthy:

1) When engine running(do not drive), the LED display:

– Between 13.5 to 14.5V (12V CAR)

– Between 26.0 to 28.0V (24V CAR)

2) With the engine off, and nothing turned on, the LED display:

– Greater than 12.0V (12V CAR) OR 24.0V (24V CAR)


1) For DC 12V or 24V Car

2) Measuring range: DC 8V-30V +/-1.2%

3) Product weight: 24.8g

4) Package weight: 46.1g


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