Anti-Theft Car Alarm Installation




You’ve spent so much buying your car. Ensure you protect it with the HIGH-TECH CAR ALARM SYSTEM. Do you need an Anti-Theft Car Alarm installed in your car. Let one of our professional installers do this for you.
Please note: Price of 41K is subject to type of vehicle.
Installation Location: Ikeja (we also offer in-home services, additional fees applies)
Features of this anti-theft alarm:
Comes with TWO REMOTE CONTROLS to control the alarm at VERY LONG RANGE.
Shock sensor: when the alarm is armed, it will be triggered (siren sound) upon impact by anyone. mild impact: siren will sound for 2 secs intermittently. Strong impact: Siren will sound for 30 seconds. This will scare aways potential assault.
Vehicle Immobilize: If the car is broken into (without disarming the alarm), the siren will sound continuously and the engine of the car WILL NOT START.
Vehicle Locator: Ability to locate your vehicle among other vehicles for example in the parking lot or at night.
Remote trunk release from the alarm remote control (that is if the trunk has an electric motor)
Optional Feature: Ability to roll-up windows the alarm remote (this feature WILL INCUR ADDITIONAL COST)
This installation service will include:
Installation of the alarm unit
Removal of dash as needed and wiring of alarm
Inspection of car doors to ensure alarm triggers
Enlighten client on operational instruction and overview